This home page describes general know how of survey on the hull construction and equipments for exsisting ships and ships under construction. The author was a Chief Surveyor to the Class NK . He inspected about 1,000 ships, for more than 40 years, smaller one was the fishing boat less than 100G/T and the largest one was 400,000 D/W ULCC. He hopes this home page will be useful as a reference for fresh surveyors, superintendents of the ship owners and repair managers in the repair yards.


One of the world largest ship, Piere Guillaumat in LISNAVE Margueira Yard in 1978;
Lpp 401.10 x B 63.01 x 35.92 m, DW 555,031t
Built at the San Nazaire Ship Yard in France BV Class.
It takes more than 3 hours to carry out the bottom Survey.